Course Outline for 10th Grade Biology

Tablet and pencil and pen 


Ms. Thomas (Room 126)

Marbury High School  

Course Description             

Biology is a yearlong introductory life science course that involves learning about various life form interactions in the environment. 


Grading will occur on a variety of assignments including class participation, tests, quizzes , lab work,  class work, homework, projects, papers, group work and various assignments.


Students are responsible for keeping up with all assigned work.  For further assistance with assignments students may visit and go under Ms. Thomas/ Forms for supplemental notes on the chapters.  Also students need to visit my website to find additional and supplemental work that goes with each. Visit my website for power points and review questions pictures and links. My website address is

Grading Percentages        

Tests, Projects, Papers = 30%        

Class work (Group work, Graphic organizers, various assignments ,Lab activities) = 20%        

Homework = 30%         

Quizzes = 20%

Grading Scale         

90-100 A        

89-80 B        

79-70 C        

69-60 D        

Below 60% F

Make up work / Late-work         

Students are responsible for making up any late or missed assignment once they return to school. Any work not made up will result in a grade of zero.

Classroom Rules:

1.       Come to class on time.

2.       Do not eat, drink, or chew in class.

3.       Remain in your seat unless given permission to get up.

4.       Talk only when permitted.

5.       Classroom cheating is not permitted.

6.       Always use kind and polite behavior.


1.       Verbal Warning      

2.       Break Detention      

3.       Parent Phone Call      

4.       Parent Conference       

5.       Office Referral  

Content to be covered

All of the chapters listed below are in correlation with The Alabama Course of Study for 10th Grade Biology. All students will be given a learning contract with each individual chapter that includes various learning assignments specific to that chapter.   Students will be responsible for learning and achieving satisfactory performance on these chapters.

*Please note these are the Chapters that we will cover in the 2010-2011 school year in Biology for the Genetics content.  


Chapter 10 Section 2 pages 277-282

Chapter 12 Section 3 pages 336-349

Chapter 12 Section 4 pages 342-349

Chapter 13 Section 1 pages 360-371

Chapter 11 Sections 2 & 3 pages 302-315

Chapter 13 Section 2 pages 363-371

Chapter 11 Section 1 – Section 3 pages 296-315

After reading this syllabus, please return the signed portion to Ms. Thomas by August 13, 2010.  I have read and understand the policies and procedures for Ms. Thomas’s Biology class and have shared them with my parents. 

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Parent’s/Guardian Signature:

Parent’s Home Phone #__________________________________________________ 

Parent’s Cell Phone #____________________________________________________ 

Parent’s e-mail address__________________________________________________ 

Your e-mail address will provide me with a way of contacting you more easily. You may contact me by e-mail at STI home is available through the office. With a pin number you have access to your student’s grades, attendance, and discipline records.  Thank you! I look forward to working with you and your child this year. All students who return this form will receive 5 extra points on the first vocabulary quiz.